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Results and Testimonials

What people are saying

I recently hired Dr. Khazan to do a series of webinars for my corporate clients on the topic of Managing Work and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The feedback across the board has been fantastic. Her content is excellent, and more importantly, she communicates her message in a way that connects with people and makes a difference in their lives at a time when they need it most.


CEO Edge Consulting LLC

One of the most applied and beneficial trainings I have ever been to. Very well organized, time was well utilized. Inna was a great and extremely knowledgeable teacher.



Senior Partner, a Boston-Based Law Firm

Dr. Khazan did a webinar for our staff entitled Managing Work and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Over 100 employees attended and they were not disappointed! Dr. Khazan boiled down her extensive knowledge and training to very practical and applicable tips. I would bet every one of our employees picked up something they could implement in their “work at home” lives tomorrow. The feedback was nothing but positive. It helped to calm fears and show our staff that we are a responsible employer who genuinely cares about their well-being.


Chief People Officer, GCOM

The training has been eye-opening and transformative. I learned what seemed like simple skills, that produced incredible effects.

James S., Esq.

a Boston Law Firm

Dear Dr. Khazan, many thanks from … [CEO] for the training program you conducted last month. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the executive team, and are looking forward to continue working with you, bringing this training to more of … [our company’s] leaders. It was a pleasure working with you. Best wishes,


Training Director, a Fortune 500 Company

I feel lucky I was able to take Dr. Inna Khazan’s Biofeedback Training at her Boston location. Dr. Inna Khazan is a true authority in the field of optimal performance using biofeedback, and she is a very skilled educator.



Scientist, a Boston-Based Pharmaceutical Firm

The workshops were excellent! Exactly what I needed. My coping skills have increased, and although I still get triggered and have angst, I now understand normal behavior/appropriate reactions etc. The end result is that I am being much nicer to myself, and I understand I have choices. With breathing techniques, I learned the importance of the in and out breaths. In fact, my asthma is more easily controlled.

Executive Director of Wealth Management

To my past and current private-practice clients: I sincerely thank you for all your kind feedback and endorsements. For ethical reasons I cannot include your comments here, although I appreciate them very much. Stay in touch.


Inna Khazan



Individual Performance  Excellence Training


You can train your brain and your body to work together to support you in performing at your best especially when it matters most. This applies to anyone, whether you are an executive, attorney, manager, scientist, physician, athlete…

Purple Skies

Get The Edge

Corporate Training


Your organization’s employees are your most valuable resource. Research shows that each individual’s ability to perform at their best contributes greatly to the organization’s success. This is true of law firms, financial firms, scientific and …

Night Skies

Biofeedback and Mindfulness

My Unique Approach


The unique training developed by Dr. Khazan allows you to achieve a totally new level of performance improvement by enabling your body to power up to just the right level and your brain to focus on what’s most important at that moment.

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