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Books and Other Writings

Recent Books and Journal Articles by Dr. Khazan

  • Khazan, I. Z. (2019). Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life: Practical Solutions for Improving Your Health and Performance. W. W. Norton and Co, Inc.

  • Khazan, I. Z. (2013). The clinical handbook of biofeedback: A step-by-step guide for training and practice with mindfulness. Chichester, West Sussex, UK: Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Khazan, I. Z. and Moss, D. (Eds., 2018). Mindfulness and compassion in biofeedback: A book of readings. Wheat Ridge, CO: AAPB press.

  • Khazan, I. (2018). A guide to normal values in biofeedback. In D. Moss & F. Shaffer (Eds.), Physiological recording technology and applications in biofeedback and neurofeedback. Wheat Ridge, CO: Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

  • Khazan, I. (2018). Breathing, Overbreathing, and Mindfulness, Biofeedback, 46(2).

  • Khazan, I. (2017). Biofeedback treatment for headaches, Biofeedback, 45(2), 34-35.

  • Khazan, I.(2016). Taking Human Performance to the Next Level (with FLARE). Biofeedback, 44(3), 111-120.

  • Khazan, I. Z. Overview of biofeedback. In Tan, Shaffer, Lyle, and Teo (Eds), Evidence-Based practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback (3rd Ed.). Wheat Ridge, CO: AAPB, 2016.

  • Khazan, I. (2015). Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Biofeedback. Biofeedback, 43(3), 104-110.

  • Khazan, I. (2009). Psychophysiological stress assessment using biofeedback. Journal of Visualized Experiments, Jul 31, 29, pii: 1443.

  • Khazan, I. Z., McHale, J. P. and DeCourcey, W. (2008) Violated expectancies concerning division of childcare labor predict early coparenting process during stressful and non-stressful family evaluations. Infant Mental Health Journal, 29 (4), pp. 343-361.

  • McHale, J., Khazan, I. Z., Erera, P.I., Rotman, T., DeCourcey, W., McConnell, M. Coparenting in diverse family systems. In Bornstein, M., editor. Handbook of Parenting (2nd Ed). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 2002.

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