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Optimizing Health and Performance for Individuals and Organizations


I am a Harvard-trained clinical health and performance psychologist, board certified in biofeedback. I am also a faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

I help individual clients and organizations improve their health and professional performance. I specialize in mindfulness-based interventions and biofeedback in working with various psychophysiological disorders, such as anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal distress.


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Books by Dr. Khazan

"Inna Khazan is the world’s leading expert on mindfulness and biofeedback. She combines these fields "in a remarkably clear and insightful manner, grounding all she writes in solid science and clinical wisdom."

Christopher Germer, Ph.D., Lecturer on Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School 

"Dr. Khazan is a master at taking complex subject matter and turning it into a readable, step-by-step manual that can be valuable for almost anyone interested in self-improvement."

Richard Gevirtz, Ph.D., BCB, California School of Professional Psychology

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"This masterful book belongs on the desk of every clinician and educator interested in biofeedback. It is the only book that takes biofeedback beyond learning how to attach the sensors to how to do clinical treatment/training.

Professor Erik Peper, San Francisco State University.

"It a remarkably comprehensive, clearly-written, practical guide to all the ins and outs of biofeedback...this is the sourcebook you’ve been waiting for."

Christopher Germer, Ph.D., Lecturer on Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School 

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I work with organizations interested in gaining competitive advantage by training their employees in performance excellence. My clients train to improve their self-regulation and bring greater agility and resilience to their physiological, cognitive, and emotional responses. The result is better health and performance.

I am happy to offer a complimentary phone consultation to explore how I may be able to help you or your organization, or refer you to a colleague who would be a better match.

Mind and Body

Biofeedback and Mindfulness


With biofeedback and mindfulness training, your body learns to power up to just the right level and your brain learns to focus on what’s most important in that moment.


Heart Rate Variability App

Improve Health & Wellbeing


As Chief Science Officer of OptimalHRV, I’ve helped develop a new way for people to improve their health, wellbeing, and performance in as little as 20 minutes a day.

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Results & Testimonials

What Clients Have to Say


“The training has been eye-opening and transformative. I learned what seemed like simple skills, that produced incredible effects.” (James S., Esq., a Boston law firm)

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